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Measure the health of a group:

According to Bomi Joseph , measures that show how well people are should show how well they are changing over time. Positive outcomes include being alive, working well, and feeling good about yourself. In contrast, bad things happen, such as death, loss of function, and lack of well-being. Both good and bad things happen because disease and injury are intermediate factors. The goal of population health metric design is to come up with a standard of well-being for a group of people. To figure out how healthy a group of people is, you can look for people who have a certain disease. By doing this, we can look for patterns and sudden changes. A simple count of people who are sick can also tell policymakers and public health planners if they need more money to deal with a problem. There are more public health indices when more people are diagnosed. This can help them use resources more effectively. Health outcomes are hard to measure, but they can be done by combining individual-level data.

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